Human footprints from 13,000 years ago have been found in Canada

Traces of humans from 13,000 years ago have been found in Canada

Scientists have found new evidence of a human population living on the west coast of Canada at the end of the last ice age. 29 prints have been found on Calvert Island in British Columbiaóin human stóp in three róFULL TIME. The remains were found in sediments thatóre thousands of years ago formed the beach. The sea level then was about 2-3 meters lower than it is today.

Measurements and digital photographic analysis revealed that the footprints of stóp probably belonged to two adults and a child. Everyone was barefoot. The traces were found around pół meter below the current ground level in a layer of clay. Through radiocarbon dating of a piece of wood found next to it in the same layer, the researchers determined that the imprints of stóp are about 13,000 years old.

The findings of the researchers from the Hakai Institute and the University of Victoria were published in the „PLOS ONE”.

Their findings expand the list of evidence, researchers sayóin support of the hypothesis that humans used a land bridge to move from Asia to the Americas PóThe northern ice age during the last ice age. Another concept mówi that people got there by sea.

Study authors suggest that further excavations using more advanced methods are likely to uncover more human footprintsów in this area. Perhaps they will also allow to collect patterns of early settlement off the coast of America PóNorth.

– In an article we published, we described the discovery of traces ofóin the west coast of Canada, and we also included the results of radiocarbon studies, które indicate that the prints date back 13,000 years ago. We obtained the evidenceód that people inhabited the region at the end of the last ice age – said study leader Duncan McLaren.

However, these are not the oldest traces of human presence on the continent póNorth American. Early humans may have lived in America PóNorth as early as 130 thousand years ago. That’s the controversial claim announced by scientists from the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Center for American Paleolithic Research in Hot Springs. They relied on the remains of a mastodon found in 1992 during road construction in San Diego, których footprints were found on Calvert Islandóbki, whichóre may indicate human activity. More on this subject in the test: Man appeared in America 100 thousand. years earlier than thought?.