Paris agreement hangs in the balance Donald Trump is betting on coal

Paris agreement hangs in the balance? Donald Trump is betting on coal

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an energy independence executive order that largely undoes regulations introduced by Barack Obama to protect the environment and limit carbon emissions.

Donald Trump in the presence of more than a dozen górników signed an executive order lifting restrictions on US coal mining and coal-based energy production. – My administration is putting an end to the war on coal – said the US president after signing the document. At the same time, he stressed that the energy produced would „clean”, and the authorities will make every effort to protect the environment.

Currently in the g sectoróThe coal industry in the United States employs about 75,000 workersów. Meanwhile, the industry associated with „green” energy and biofuels employ 650,000 people.

It didn’t take long for the coalition of 23 stateóin and environmental organizations, whichóre announced to fight against the decree in the courts. In a statement, they called President Trump „a threat to public health”

The signed executive order directs the Environmental Protection Agency to review the Clean Power Plan, signed by Obama to reduce gas emissionsóin greenhouse gases from the energy sector, który is the largest emitter of gasóin the country’s greenhouse. – No single regulation threatens our górnikom, energy workers and businesses more than this crushing attack on the US industry – stated after signing the document on Obama’s plan.

He also added that this decree will begin to „energy revolution” in the US, whichóra will make coal more competitive with renewable sources ofódeles of the energy. By the way, it will increase the energy independence of the stateóin the United.

The US president’s decision will result in more carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, whichóry according to most scientistsów contributes to climate change.

Trump’s decree, environmentalists point out, is the first step toward cancelling the Paris Agreement. In December 2015 in Paris, 195 countryóin the world agreed to accept and implement an agreement to curb climate change. This is the first such agreement in history adopted by such a large group of. To this by the biggest polluters on the planet – USA, China, and India. Ogólne provision mówi, about reducing gas emissionsóin greenhouse gases and to keep the increase in global temperature (because it is impossible to stop) at much lower than 2 degrees Celsius. Celsius.

Trump became famous while still in the election campaign for statements denying climate change during the US presidential campaign. The most famous is the one in której móhas claimed that „Climate change is a hoax created by China to reduce the competitiveness of American industry”.

The Paris agreement has not been canceled, but the Trump administration is expected to watch it closely. A decision on the matter is expected soon. Environmentalists note that Trump’s administration does not have to tear up the Paris Agreement at all, but may ignore its provisions. He may also be looking for possible alliesów, to collectively waive the Paris resolutions.