The “Mystery of Time” – a book forcing to rethink the concept of time

“The Mystery of Time” – a book that forces us to rethink the concept of time

Time does not work the way we think it does, writes physicist Cacrlo Rovelli in his book “The Mystery of Time,” which was published by Feeria Science in mid-January. In the publication, the author subjects time to an extremely thorough analysis, and its results make the reader rethink the concept of time.

Carlo Rovelli is able to open the reader’s eyes to entirely new worlds hidden in the thicket of secret physical patternsów. He proved it, for example, with the title „Reality is not what it seems”, but also other books thatóre have been showered with many awards. „The mystery of time” also opens our eyes and proves that our intuitive thinking about time as something linear that uniformly follows a forwardód no matter what, is wrong.

Rovelli is primarily concerned with theoretical physics. He is one of the twórcóIn the loop quantum gravity known róAlso under the name of quantum geometry. It is the concept of quantum space-time, whichóre prób tries to reconcile the theories of quantum mechanics and the generalógeneral theory of relativity. Wspóhe works with universities in Italy, the U.S. and France. He is currently director of the quantum gravity research team at the Center for Theoretical Physics at Université d’Aix- -Marseille. This year was entered by the magazine „Foreign Policy” to the list of the world’s 100 most influential thinkers.

„Reality often very róis different from what it appears to be. The Earth gives the impression of being flat, but it is really spherical. The sun seems to move across the sky, while we are really spinning around theół axis of the Earth. RóAlso, the structure of time is not what it seems; róis different from this homogeneous, omnipresent lapse of” – writes Rovelli in „The Mystery of Time” and adds that we still don’t fully know how time actually works. The nature of time is perhaps the greatest of the still unsolved mysteries of the.

Time, Rovelli says, is a complex set of structures, and we inhabit this world like a fish inhabits water. The discovery that time is not what we think it is raises thousands of questions. Rovelli answers some of them in „The Mystery of Time”. In the pages of the book, the author describes what we know about time, and has devoted his entire life to this research. He also shows what we don’t yet understand and what he thinks we are just beginning to see.

As Rovelli writes, there is no single time, all its properties, one by one, turn out to be errors conditioned by our point of view, just like the flatness of the Earth and the movement of the Sun. Once time is stripped of these conditions, what remains is a strange, alien world devoid of all traces of theóin temporality. But after all, there must be something in this world that leads to the formation of time as we know it. And that is what this book is about. Reading it, as in a detective story, we will go in search of the culprit – makers of time.

„Step by step, we will find the components of time as we know it, no longer as elementary structures of reality, but as useful approximations used by clumsy and coarse-minded mortalsóin, whichór we are; these are properties belonging to our point of view, but also properties thatóre perhaps even constitute what we are. Because in the end, the mystery of time is probably more about ourselves than about the cosmos. Perhaps – As in the first and greatest of crime fictionów, Królu Oedipus by Sophocles – The culprit turns out to be the detective himself” – physicist writes.