An intact tomb from nearly 4,000 years ago has been discovered in Egypt. years

An intact tomb from nearly 4,000 years ago has been discovered in Egypt. years

In Aswan, Upper Egypt, Spanish archaeologists have discovered an intact burial chamber from the reigns of Pharaohs Senuseret II and Senuseret III. The tomb belongs to the brother of one of the most powerful governors of Elefantin – Serenput II.

An intact tomb was found in the necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa Serenput II himself was also laid to rest here. His tomb is among some of the more beautifully decorated tombs discoveredóIn Qubbet el-Hawa.

The discovered tomb belongs to Shemai, the brother of one of the most important GovóIn the twelfth dynasty – Serenputa II. Sereneput was also a general of the Egyptian army and supervisor of the worship of the goddesses Satet and Chnum. This twelfth dynasty reigned from 1976 to 1794 BC.

– The discovery is important not only because of the rich pochówek, but also because it sheds new light on the life of the osób being in the shadow of the ruling. We don’t have much information about them – said Mohmoud Afifi director of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities at the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt.

Inside the tomb chamber, ceramic vessels, wooden models depicting scenes from daily life and a cedar wood coffin with the mummy of the deceased were found. The coffin is covered with the so-called. cartonage – ornaments and ritual inscriptions, whichóre contain the name of the deceased and the names of his parentsów. The mummy of the deceased man had a mask. Currently, research is being conducted on it.

The discovery was made by a team ofóSpanish archaeologistsów under the direction of Dr. Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano of the University of Jaén. – Our discovery provides new data regarding the previously discovered 14 members of theów of the ruling family of Elefantin. Such a large number of osób provides a unique opportunity to study the conditions of theóin the life of the upper class in Egypt more than 3,800 years ago – Jim saidénez-Serrano.